Adena, Hopewell, and Fort Ancient Mounds in Ohio

 Ancient Mounds



Mound Builders Official Video Part 1 of 4


Who built the Serpent Mound

Who were the Celts?

Ohio Earthworks: The Great Circle – Free Movie . . .

Native American Indian Medicine Man Supernatural Mystic Spiritual Vision . . .   “The mystical, the supernatural, the unseen is a realm where the Indian roams and loves to live.”

I love this music video… it makes me feel empowered.  I hope that it makes you feel the same.




.                 Please, click on the address link to start the video.






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    • Thank you for your kind post. There are many wonderful things that I discover about our secret history. I hope that these spirits who watch over us, will guide us to find the knowledge that we need to place them into our history books where they rightfully belong – as intelligent, worthy, and kind civilization.

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  5. saqar says:

    beautiful scenes with great music unified and situated harmonious took me there to the time and the old civilization

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