He is chief Ituha's youngest son.  He is wants to become a HEALER.

Coahoma is chief Ituha’s youngest son, and he wants to become a powerful healer.


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     Blood Brothers: The Forgotten Children of the Mound Builders

This book journeys back in time when shamans and fair-skinned giant sorcerers built their conical and loaf shaped mounds, and earthen effigies on the land east of the mighty Mississippi.  It is a historical/fiction/fantasy story that delves into the love of spiritualism and the supernatural that existed during this thousand year reign.   The names of their villages and leaders have since been lost and forgotten, but their commitment to their Great Mother and Father Sky has persevered as their skeletons are lifted from these mighty tombs; and, the meanings behind their earthen temples are unraveled.

Spiral back in time and into a remote Choctaw village that is quietly nestled inside the mystical Atchafalaya Swamplands and meet a gifted old medicine woman and her accomplished apprentice: Pontiac.  As Laurel’s time on this Great Mother draws to an end, she greets each day with renewed confidence that she will be able to pass her knowledge of healing, witches and demons, and the supernatural onto Pontiac; and, her three teenage boys, the Blood Brothers,  that she has taken under her wing.  On one eventful winter morning,  when the young healers join their mentors in hopes of spying on a demon, they discover that their destinies have changed when Laurel sweeps her old bones across her earthen floor and heeds a warning.

Not long afterwards, to her dismay an ancient ritual goes terribly wrong when she realizes that Pontiac is locked into a supernatural battle against a giant, red haired, Allewegi sorcerer.   Filled with guilt from her role in Pontiacs fight, she struggles to maintain her superiority as she releases the Blood Brother’s to find their own destinies.  As she watches Pontiac and Tiponi slip into madness, she feels guilty for her role in creating this curse.   Determined to save her cherished friends and cohort, she solicits the help of the Blood Brothers to travel into the spiritual realm to spy on the Allewegi giants and learn their secrets.

But when they learn that a band of giant elite warriors, lead by Lugh and Morrigan’s sons, are headed toward their village,  can these Blood Brothers learn the secrets that will ultimately break the curse and save their tribe from an impending massacre?

Read this story and learn the secrets of healing, stone power, and shamanism that were used by the shaman during this magical era.  Find yourself growing in knowledge and love for a people who now lie sleeping in these magnificent graves.

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