Sherry  Cottle  Graham


Sherry Cottle Graham is a freelance writer, journalist, and technical writer. Sherry’s first historical fiction novel is, Blood Brothers – The Forgotten Children of the Mound Builders, published by Xlibris. She is working on the on its sequel, Land of the Nahullo, which she hopes to publish in 2014.

In 1989, Sherry co-authored a text book for the business division of Rhodes State Community College in Lima, Ohio that taught word processing to the Ohio State University and Rhodes State students. When she joined the professional staff at Honda of America, Mfg. in 1990, she continued her writing career by writing various types of technical documentation for the Information Systems Department. When she retired from Honda, she moved to Guam in 2008. Sherry wrote weekly articles for the Stars and Stripes, Guam’s supplemental newspaper for the next two years. In 2010, she moved back to Ohio and started researching the ancient mound builders, shamanism, herbal and stone healing, and wrote her first novel, Blood Brothers.

 Sherry is a member of the Writers Guild of Ohio and The Practicing Writer. She has a website called  http://SherryCottleGraham.Com  where she posts information from her research and writing projects. She is working with Xlibris to create a website for Blood Brothers.

 Sherry lives in Lima, Ohio and is a substitute for the Allen County Public Schools and she is the Recording Secretary and Historian for the Lima Astronomy Society.

Her parents are Dennie and Ruby Cottle and she is the eldest of three children:  Terry (girl) and David (boy).  She was born in Oak Hill, West Virginia but moved to Ohio when she was two years old.  She graduated from Bath High School in 1969, Ohio State University in 1974, and Rhodes State College in 1983.

She has two daughters, Rachel (born 1977) and Julia (born in 1981), and seven grand children.  Rachel and Vincent Bondafede’s children are:  Victoria, Vincent, and Brooklyn.  Julia Graham and Brandon Nile’s children are:  Aryanna, Brayden, Isabella, and boy (due in August).

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