Serpent Mounds Hours Maybe Reduced

his is an interesting post from Facebook that you might find interesting.  It seems that the ARC who recently took administrative duties over Serpent Mounds may reduce the public access to this site.  This is the post from Facebook on this topic.

You all should know that OHC and the Arc of Appalachia have decided officially that they don’t want people to read our Serpent Mound cover story in CROSSROADS; copies will NOT be available at Serpent Mound

These are critical comments that were posted on this subject by Dr. Romain and Steve Boehme.

  • William Romain to Steve Boehme   So here’s my dire prediction….citing a lack of funding to adequately staff the park until sunset, management will cut back on the hours that the park is officially open, thereby accommodating a more staff-friendly 9 to 5 work schedule; and at some point they will close the park entirely during one or more weekdays. This is all just speculation on my part and I hope I’m wrong….but time will tell.
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  • Steve Boehme William Romain I think that’s about right. OHC and Arc share the ulterior motive of restricting access, differing only in who and why.
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Sherry Cottle Graham is a freelance writer and the author of Blood Brothers - The Forgotten Children of the Mound Builders. This book should be available on June 1, 2013.
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