Blood Brothers: The Night of the Wolf

My new book:  Blood Brothers: The Night of the Wolf is available for purchase through Barns and Nobel, Amazon, and Xlibris bookstores.

night of the wolf book cover from barns and nobel

Sherry Cottle Graham, LIMA, Ohio – Author and amateur archeologist Sherry Cottle Graham weaves pre-Columbian Native American myth with the artifices of her creativity and imagination to tell a tale of fantasy, romance and adventure. Her new novel follows the heroic journey of “Blood Brothers” (published by Xlibris) as they navigate a strange and mystical land where shamanic peoples live with supernatural beings, giants, spirit-priests and overshadowing empires.

The narrative conveys universal themes of self-discovery and empowerment as it chronicles a boy’s journey and struggles to find the path that will turn him into a powerful medicine man, capable of controlling the supernatural forces to banish a demonic spirit from the man that he loves. Graham further enriches her tale by conveying her appreciation and knowledge of native North American mythology, art and history. Her creation is a portrait of that lost world, much like the imagery sculpted in the earthworks artifacts the ancients left behind – a product of imagination made more authentic by the realistic elements it incorporates, recreating the spirit of a forgotten era.

“I want my readers to learn the sacred knowledge that has been hidden for so many centuries. I want this to be in a fun way that stimulates the imagination and encourages the readers to understand and to use this knowledge to help them deal with the obstacles that complicates their everyday lives.”





Sherry Cottle Graham is a freelance writer and the author of Blood Brothers - The Forgotten Children of the Mound Builders. This book should be available on June 1, 2013.
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