Coming Soon: Blood Brothers: Night of the Wolf

I will host a book launching at Serpent Mounds during their Spring Seed Ceremony.  My booth is reserved and my hotel is book.  I am getting excited about this event.  Not that I am doing a book launching, yes this is part of my excitement, but I am looking forward to meeting the chiefs and priests who are attending.  I just hope that we don’t have a blizzard on this day.

Now, back to my book … Night of the Wolf.  It is the second book in my trilogy.  I am working on book 3 – Bear Walker.

Here is the Prelude to my second book.  I hope you like it.

Blood Brothers: Night of the Wolf


That night, I looked into the eyes of a madman.

I saw death, starring back.

Now I hide my tears so others will not see my agony.

I fear not these witches that fight for me for my body.

It is this mystical bond that ties my sons to “Crazy Wolf” that breaks my heart.

A wise teacher. A gifted healer. A good friend. His name now brings shame.

He fought a war.

He lost his battle.

Now, my only regret is that I didn’t put him under the knife.

Because of my foolishness, man’s fate now rests with three boys.

Too young to understand what they are chasing.

And, too old to stop.

Ruled by the moon, their journeys carry them far from our campfires.

Their quest is to save their teacher. Their destinies now rest with our gods.


Chief Ituha



Sherry Cottle Graham is a freelance writer and the author of Blood Brothers - The Forgotten Children of the Mound Builders. This book should be available on June 1, 2013.
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