Announcing Serpent Mounds Seed Ceremony – March 21 and – Amazing Line of Chiefs and Enlighteners


  • March 21 – March 22

    Mar 21 at 9:00am to Mar 22 at 5:30pm

  • Soaring Eagle Retreat, 375 Horner Chapel, Peebles, Ohio 45660

Vendors:  $33.00 will reserve a space for this 2 day event … See Friends of Serpent Mounds on Face Book for form.   Or contact House of Phacops, Locust Grove, Ohio for assistance.

This year’s festivities will take place in various places near the Great Serpent.  So, please watch the schedule and note the locations.  This is to enhance the experience for both the vendors and the Friend’s of Serpent Mounds  guests.

A few Chiefs are coming to help us celebrate.  A special naming ceremony is planned for the Serpent in the Grotto.

A $50.00 Love Donation is recommended to help pay for the Chief’s travel expenses.

Bring Food to share for Saturday nights Pot Luck Dinner.

Bring your drum if you have one.

This years line up:

Our festival it will take place at SOARING EAGLE RETREAT the adjoining Private property connected and with in walking distance of the Serpent mound. 
Serpent mound pipe with Tobacco was presented to
Chief Blue Star Eagle Dakota Artist and Sundance Chief and he accepted. We are honored that he and his wife Walks With New Beginnings Woman,
Key note presenters include
Joseph FireCrow Crow Cheyenne and Award winning Flute Player 
Grandfather Clifford Mahooty Zuni Elder 
Chief Stephen Snow Owl Bunch of the East of the River Shawnee
Jim Great Elk Jim Waters Shawnee Leader and Midé 
Terri singswithravens Rivera Pima Aztec, Chilaen and Irish Healer Singer/songwriter.
Rosa Tezkayohualli Tezkallo Hualli
Thunder Lightning Heart and Girls
Jim Three Eagles and Beverly McKenzie 
Serpent mound Native Elders an keeper of the Serpent pipe
We Will connect with sacred sites around the World to bless seeds and water.
John Burke’s book Seed of Knowledge Stone of Plenty. Believes that when seeds are placed on an effigy mound for 30-60 minutes they grow faster and are significantly healthier.

suggested love offering is 50:00 
Any amount great and small will help.

Chief Blue Star Eagle
(Sherwyn Zephier)
Dakota Artist and Sundance Chief – They-Came-And-Blessed-His-Pipe-Man, Story Teller and Cultural Teacher / Lecturer. Sherwyn’s objective is to teach people to see the beauty in the world around them using the Arts. Sherwyn has aspired to teach many audiences of all ages and walks of life. He has spoken to all races of people in many regions of the United States and Canada.
Sherwyn answered Spirit’s call and created the sacred visual interpretation of the “Maka Wicahpi Wicohan 11:11 The Symbols”. He sat praying with the Star Law Symbols during the time of the Snows and composed the Sacred Art for this book of sacred teachings.
As an artist it is the ultimate dream and honor to use one’s God-given talent to apply to a project that will impact the entire planet in a positive, loving and Spiritual manner. Maka Wicahpi Wicohan was a project that catapulted Sherwyn into a new dimension of seeing. That experience has helped him to stand before his own people with a great sense of pride and respect of where he came from, where he is today and what the future holds for him.
His Wife 

Walks With New Beginnings Women

Will be Speaking on Plants and herbs
Estellene Loren Zephier BS.,SW., Omaka Teca Ektanyan Omani Wi – Estellene grew up on the Crow Creek Dakota Reservation, amongst her Hunkpati relatives where she gained a deep sense of pride in her culture and heritage. She carries that pride with her as she does her work for Mother Earth.
She received her college degree from Augsburg College in Social Work. Her career experiences include family preservation, domestic violence, sexual assault, teaching college classes, family counseling, child protection, coordinating the production of a book titled: Sexual Abuse is Not an Indian Tradition. She currently holds the position of Family Counselor at a Native American health care facility. She assists her patients in preventing diseases. In addition to teaching healthy lifestyles, she teaches patients and their families to identify, harvest and use traditional plants and medicines in the area. She teaches about the plants and medicines her ancestors have used for centuries to maintain a healthy balance in Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Her sacred responsibilities also include The Teachings of the White Buffalo Calf Woman & the Sacredness of Pleiades

-Joseph FireCrow 
Grew up on the Northern CheyenneReservation located in Southeastern Montana.”
Telly Award, Elfie’s Eye, 1999/ /Creator’s Prayer (FireCrow)
Best of Short Takes 2000, Today’s Librarian (Cheyenne Nation)
2003 NAMA Songwriter of the Year (Legend of the Warrior)
Flutist of the Year, Indian Summer Music Awards 2004 (Legend of the Warrior)
2005 NAMA Best Instrumental Recording/Parmly’s Dream 2005 (Signature)
Flutist of the Year 2006 (Red Beads)
Best New Age Album, 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards (Prayer for Compassion, David Darling)
Flutist of the Year, NAMMY Awards 2010,(Face the Music)
Artist of the Year, NAMMY Awards, 2010 (Face the Music)
Joseph FireCrow Also Best Flute Recording, Nammy Awards, 2013 (Night Walk). 
to take a listen go to
to send a check to House of Phacops
29894 State Route 41 Locust Grove Ohio in memo say I wanna sponser Joseph Fire Crow…/acclaimed-nativ…

Grandfather Cifford Mahooty 

Born March 18th, 1944, Clifford Mahooty is a 100% Zuni Pueblo Indian. He is a Zuni Elder and member of the Zuni Tribe’s Kachina Society. The Kachina Society jealously guards centuries of knowledge of contact between the Zunis and “star beings.” Mahooty spent many successful years as a civil engineer. He consistently advocated for the Zuni and all Pueblo nations while also dedicating decades of his life to his Tribe’s spiritual way of life.

He attended local Zuni Reservation schools through high school and graduated from high school on June 6th, 1962. He entered Mew Mexico State University, College of Engineering in September 1962 and graduated July 16, 1969 with a BS Degree in Civil Engineering. After graduation he accepted an engineering position with Shell Oil Company. Later he worked with the Zuni Indian Reservation as their Tribal Engineer, designing infrastructure and waste water systems. From there, he moved on to a position in program development for all the New Mexico Indian tribes. Thereafter Clifford worked with Southwestern HUD funded housing projects throughout the Arizona and New Mexico area. He was also commissioned as a Public Health Officer with United States Public Health Service (USPHS), working with both potable and waste water systems at other Indian tribes located throughout Oklahoma and Arizona. After that, he took a position with the federal government’s Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and worked a full, 25 year career with the BIA in an effort to help other North American Indian nations as the Environmental Justice Coordinator, overseeing 581 Indian tribes. Following his career with the BIA, Clifford Mahooty retired and returned home to the Zuni Pueblo in northwestern New Mexico where he currently resides.

Throughout his professional lifetime and working career, he has always maintained a close relationship to his spiritual tribal roots as a member of various orders within the Tribe. As a sideline he enjoys designing, creating and marketing Zuni Indian jewelry.

Thunder Lightning Heart and her Daughters will be joining us at our spring seed Festival at Serpent Mound March 21- 22 2014
Thunder Lightning Heart 
Is Cree from Alberta Canada 
And has been a professional dancer since she was 5, Northern Dance Style
She has danced all through the Americas, Europe and Japan
They will be vending their Native jewelry and regalia you can check out on her face book page. At thunder designs

Terri A Rivera
Terri singswithravens Rivera Pima,Aztec,Chilean 
collaborates with healers from all over the world to hold spiritual retreats in Ohio and has also presented at workshops throughout the U.S. and Mexico. She often holds ceremony at the Serpent Mound, 
She is a singer song writer was nominated for a NAMMY and came in RUNNER UP FIR THE JOHN LENNON SONG WRITING CONTEST Her music an be heard on the following sites.

Thomas Johnson Thunder Rock Geology and Anomalies of SERPENT MOUND State Park it sits on the Southeastern edge of a
5 mile wide IMPACT CRATOR and is also sitting on top of A DEEP 17.5 km long FAULT that is miles deep and EMITTING A CONSTANT FLOW OF POSITIVE ENERGY 
10:30 Thomas will Start Teaching Ohio Pipe Stone Carving.
(This will be going on thru out the day so you can carve while you listen to the speakers.)

Delsey Wilson is a founding member and the current Executive Director of The Friends of Serpent Mound. (FOSM). In 2004, she was a part of a small group that had permission to go into the crop circle, across from Serpent Mound, and collect data. Their data determined that formation to be authentic. Their tests were similar to the tests that lead John Burke to compile his book Seed of Knowledge Stone of Plenty. A few years ago, two members of FOSM did two separate experiments at Serpent Mound to “test” Burke’s theory. In both cases, the seeds placed on the effigy mound for 30-60 minutes grew faster and were significantly healthier than the test comparison seeds

Rosa Tezkallo Hualli – 
Rosa Tezkallo Hualli is an Architect, Mexika Ceremonialist, dancer and Healer. She has energized and connected many Sacred Sites in Southern California, Baja California and Central Mexico. She works with Grandfather Kachora ( Don Juan ) the Nagual Yaqui in his Ceremonies. Rosa is from Mexicalli, B.C. Mexico
Sacred Movement Rosa will be teaching sacred movement of the original people of Mexico. Learn how to smudge, open the directions and do sacred dances. Dr. Arthur Cushman will be translating for Rosa 

Thomas Johnson Thunder Rock will Be teach Ohio Pipe Stone Carving
Tom is a rock man from Michigan and has been collecting rocks since he was 4 years old. Collected a lot around Sylvania, Ohio in an old 350 million year old sea bed 90 feet under ground through the 60’s and 70’s until the government stopped that activity with MSHA and OSHA 1979, He then moved to southern Ohio and began collecting an even older sea bed of 438 million. Many trips around the planet to collect and study fossils dating back to 2,7 billion years, recognized for his achievements in 1984 by the Smithsonian and National Geographic, he has written 3 books and lectured on the subject of trilobites and Meteor Craters for many years. Recent work will air on the History Channel, Ancient Aliens segment on Serpent Mound and adjoining meteor crater later this summer 
He appeared on Ancient Aliens and the Old West Along with Chief Standing Elk-Golden Light 

Jim Three Eagles and Beverly McKenzie 
Serpent mound Native Elders an keeper of the Serpent pipe

Delsey Wilson
is a founding member and past Executive Director of The Friends of Serpent Mound. (FOSM). In 2004, she was a part of a small group that had permission to go into the crop circle, across from Serpent Mound, and collect data. Their data determined that formation to be authentic. Their tests were similar to the tests that lead John Burke to compile his book Seed of Knowledge Stone of Plenty. A few years ago, two members of FOSM did two separate experiments at Serpent Mound to “test” Burke’s theory. In both cases, the seeds placed on the effigy mound for 30-60 minutes grew faster and were significantly healthier than the test comparison seeds. 
Delsey is also a Master Gardener and a member of the Ohio Brush Creek Herb Guild. She has a love of natural Earth Friendly gardening. She has a thirst for knowledge on the benefits of native plants and herbs to better one’s surroundings and self. She will be discussing Burke’s theory, and sharing some of the many ways that one can improve the productivity of seeds naturally, if not a bit unconventionally.

Jeffrey Wilson
With a Master of Science and a double major in English Literature and History from Eastern Michigan, Jeffrey’s lectures bring a scientific approach with a refreshing side of Native American mythology. Jeffrey the President of FOSM and the Director and co-founder of the Independent Crop Circle Researchers’ Association (ICCRA) has been investigating crop circles that have been reported in the United States since 1996, and has visited well over 100 during the last twelve years. He was an early member of the Center for Crop Circle Studies (CCCS), in both the UK and USA branches before both organizations went defunct. He has been a contributor of USA crop circle reports to the Crop Circle Connector website since 1996. He was a frequent contributor to Crop Circle News until that website closed. His crop circle research has been covered by numerous newspapers across the USA, he is frequently interviewed on Linda Howe’s Earthfiles website, he’s been a guest on various national and local TV networks, as well as national and local radio programs including Coast to Coast A.M. with George Noory. (Photo compliments of Don Reed) —

Serpent Mound Native Elders an parents of Delsey Wilson, and the owners of Soaring Eagle Retreat. They have beenintertwined with Serpent Mound for decades. Bev worked in the tollbooth at Serpent Mound during the 1980’s and was there during the Harmonic Convergence. Jim was a Special Deputy Sheriff with Adams County and help with “crowd control”. They both say that it was one of the largest crowds they’ve ever seen at Serpent Mound and one of the most peaceful. Both of them have long Appalachian Heritages mixed with Native American.

“Katya Faris, M.A. ethnomusicology, is from Hindustan, Indiana, and is a Middle Eastern dance artist, performer, instructor, clairvoyant and Master level Reiki healing practitioner. While her two paths of being a divination consultant and an artist have been separate, they are now merging together and she speaks on the Divine Feminine as seen through the lens of “bellydance. She is from Cherokee and Choctaw heritage from her mother’s family in Oklahoma who walked the Trail of Tears. Katya is dancing a seed blessing prayer dance for the Middle East today to send our love and hope for peace to them. To learn more about Katya, please visit her website at:

Dr. Arthur Arthur Robert Cushman ( Arturo Luminoso / KetzalTlaneztia / is a NeuroSurgeon who lives near Nashville , Tennessee 
. He is a member of the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex Iconography Study group and has published and presented papers on the Sacred Meanings of the Artifacts of the Central and Southeastern United States. 
He will bring several Sacred Artifacts that explain the meaning of the Great Serpent and the Native American Path of Souls to Serpent Mound 
He is shown here with a replica of a Sacred Mace/ Scepter found at Mound Bottom , Tennessee at the Ceremony at Mound Bottom at the Fall Equinox
As true traditions go, we believe that all workshops and teachings are gift to others. Love offerings will be accepted but not expected.

Drumming and a Feast so bring food to share.


Sherry Cottle Graham is a freelance writer and the author of Blood Brothers - The Forgotten Children of the Mound Builders. This book should be available on June 1, 2013.
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