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I am now the Vice President of the Algonquian Indian Historical Society of Blue Creek, Ohio.  I am going to dedicate my site to this society until we get the manpower and funding to create our own website.  This is a new society, so starting up has it’s abundance of challenges that must be met.  If you do not want to be part of this society, please send me a note to remove you from my database.  Otherwise, you will continue to receive announcements from me.  You will also see changes to the format of this site.

I welcome you all to stay as a member of this group and to share any experiences or knowledge that you might have about the Woodland and Fort Ancient Era.  I am diving deep into it now.

You can reach me at: if you have any questions.

Thank you for your patience.

SherryPicture - Richard Researching Petroglyphs

This is Richard Barnhouse, President.  This is doing what he loves to do… find and decode Algonquian petroglyphs.






Sherry Cottle Graham is a freelance writer and the author of Blood Brothers - The Forgotten Children of the Mound Builders. This book should be available on June 1, 2013.
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