Empire of the Serpent

Tonight I am trying to merge into the mind of the old Serpent Priests.  What was the source of their magic that they harnessed from our great Gaia.  It must have been a wonderful time to have lived in their “Empire of the Serpent” and experienced the way they harnessed the energy and communicated with the spirits that were a common part of their world.  As I continue to work with a few friends to understand these priests and their artwork, star maps, stories, mathematics, and earth works; I feel blessed to be able to just sit back and to be able to ponder the significance that they had up on the land and their people.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of a rock, showing a powerful recharging Serpent Priest, who is a Bird Man, a shaman, a shape shifter, a frog/eagle, talks to deities, soul eggs, and most of all, he is a warrior.  As I flip and turn this rock around, just look at his profile.  Amazing stuff, isn’t it.

I found this particular rock on land  near Serpent Mounds.  I had permission to look by the owner.  I painted it with water colors to emphasize the different figures that I found on it.

sherry 1 sherry 2 sherry 3 sherry 4

I will add more as I gather my discoveries and am able to write a few comments about them.  I will also comment on old legends and other information that I think will be interesting.  Some of the things that I will show you are not accepted by the mainstream historians, yet.  One of the main things that they might not like is when I go down a path, talking about Soul Eggs.  I am still developing my theory of these things with Richard Barnhouse and a few other friends.  It sound wild, stones that are shaped like eggs, and house the souls (spirits) of the deceased which includes people and animals and plants.  It appears that these people had a mastery over spiritual things that we can not even comprehend.  Me for one.  I am still trying to sort through it all.  Wish me luck because it is as new to me as it will be to you.





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Sherry Cottle Graham is a freelance writer and the author of Blood Brothers - The Forgotten Children of the Mound Builders. This book should be available on June 1, 2013.
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